After David helped in the arrest of Rachel's murderer, Mr. Jefferson, he apologized to Chloe. Also, her lack of sensitivity can be tied to her experience of loss and abandonment and her consequent depression. When Max returns to the bedroom, Chloe notices it was Max who saved her earlier in the girls' bathroom and sets aside her joint to present Max with her father's old camera which she wants to give Max since she knows last month was her birthday, proving that she trusts Max again. Chloe's address is 44 Cedar Ave, as evident from several postcards. 36. Sundowners 29. ", One of Max's idle comments while in Chloe's room in Episode 1: "I guess she's not into Blue's Clues or Teletubbies anymore...". The background picture can change from Rachel to Max. Chloe's previous history as an archetypal punk rocker has seemingly been wiped out completely in the new timeline Max created in "Chaos Theory" by preventing the death of Chloe's father, William. Chloe's car's license plate spells "TWN PKS", which is a reference to. When Max reacts with initial surprise, Chloe escalates it to a double dare. The color makes sense, as her respiratory system is vulnerable and failing, and she becomes hopeful that she can have her last good memory with Max before she dies. She often got into varying degrees of mischief and thus earned a bad reputation with the local police over the years. On a aussi tenté l’expérience des Hot springs, ces sources d’eaux chaudes qui jaillissent du sol et dans lesquelles on peut se baigner, comme celle d’Hilltop hot spring. Max heads out of Blackwell grounds to meet Chloe at the Two Whales Diner, where Chloe's mother, Joyce, works as a waitress. An SUV cut her off, and she crashed, tragically snapping her spine and paralyzing herself. Feeling equally upset at Chloe's outburst, Max will take a look at the last picture Chloe's father took of them when she returns to her dormitory room. [17] There is also a poster of a blue butterfly in Alternative Chloe's empty room, as well as butterflies as part of the pattern of Chloe's boots. They decide to search for information gleaned from David Madsen, Nathan Prescott, and Frank Bowers. Except one who stage dives. Young Chloe wears pale bluish-gray jean and a grey sweat shirt with the Arcadia Bay lighthouse on it and the town name in pink lettering. It occurs that Chloe could be destructive power against the world and Max's duty is to save the world, and Chloe. Due to all her bad experience over the years, she has become pessimistic and resentful of life, convinced that there wasn't really anyone who actually cared about her or who she could trust in[note 1][3]. Suivez l'évolution de l'épidémie de CoronaVirus / Covid19 en France département. In Episode 5 during Max's nightmare, you need a digicode to get to the next area. "One day your life will flash before your eyes", another phrase written on Chloe's wall is actually a quote by Gerard Way. She also enjoys fluffy, cuddly toys and has high-tech equipment for communicating online and sending text messages. Chloe arrives late and is punished by her mother for her sass by giving her less bacon. She is hit directly in the stomach in the middle of the skull motif on her shirt in the beginning of the game. The digicode is 0311, likely representing Chloe's birthday, 03/11 (March 11th). Chloe runs into Max again in Blackwell's parking lot as Max is confronted by Nathan, who accuses her of spying on the argument in the bathroom. She initially prevents Chloe's death in the junkyard at the hands of Jefferson by jumping back in time through the selfie and informing David of Jefferson's deeds, creating a new timeline where Jefferson was arrested on the Tuesday with Chloe still alive and Max as the winner of the photo contest as well as a journey by plane to San Francisco. See here to find out more about the symptoms of BPD: Blackwell documents in both Chloe's and Alternative Chloe's rooms dated 2010 reveal that Chloe attended Blackwell Academy at least since then. A number of inconsistencies exist between Chloe's height chart from the normal timeline and her height chart in the alternative timeline.