It is about respecting your customers and trying to get any payment you can! I totally agree. Can't we file a class tion lawsuit? As far as I'm concerned, it's all bad. *Some restrictions may apply for add-on loans. I have been having trouble trying to log on to their website to pay … OMG yes Aqua Finance is horrible filthy people, . About 2 weeks later we get a call from AF stating that we are LATE and need to make a payment now. They never contact me and I didn’t realize how long it it’s been the next thing I know my daughter is the cosigner of the loan gets a notice saying that the loan is going in collections. I pointed out that my loan was paid off over a year ago BETTER THAN AGREED! New Orleans. I wish I had researched this company before giving in. Needless to say I was TAKEN!!! We’ve already seen things and just this generation of the prophecies it says. 30+ I would say they just like to milk people for every cent they can get out of ya. I got a Rainsoft system from Home Depot. 2 years later our loan was sold to Aqua Finance. I did not want the system, but with pressure from the sales person and my boyfriend, I gave in. Aqua finance needs to get their act in gather because people are not going to bail out these big companies again. Dawn told me the release was being processed and would take a couple of days to get through the court system. That they were not obligated to send me a monthly statement period! never recieved a check i even called his boss and he even told me that he was saying a lie just to sell me the product. 2 Vehicles valued over $25,000 financed up to 84 months (on approved credit); otherwise, maximum term is 72 months. I thought companies were required by law to tell customers what interest rate they charge? Payments to individuals have a per-transaction limit of $1,500, a … I explained to the attorney's office that I was making payments to Aqua Finance and he stated that he does not have any record of payment for 1.5 years (since the judgment). I was all confused like what is this, aqua finance is the one that has the loan. Me and another gentleman are working together to file a class action lawsuit against these companies!! They feature a minimum monthly payment that is based on the highest amount financed. VERY PROUD OF THAT COMPANY After purchasing the water for fill Traciann system I got a bill from Connexus Credit union, then I get a letter in the mail saying congratulations here is your bank account number your savings account number and here is your new card. 120, 144 & 180 months available for some loans. Call to action for those who want to become a dealer. And they paid off the loan. I decided to finally look at the bills that I was receiving and found out that only $12 was going towards the principal, the rest was categorized as finance charges. We were told we would pay $100 per month for 5 years. He went to Home Depot and I guess he felt safe and had issues with auto pay and I got involved and it kept happening with auto pay so I looked into paper work and saw 17.99% interest rate revolving credit and I died. Even my referrances got a call. Low and behold, because my credit was better they made my income more so that they could sell the system. You can’t get a hold of nobody. The water softner was supposed to be a health benefit not a financial grave. And example of this that everybody knows world why is the Tucker’s car because of the movie. IT IS A SCAM!!! Well, at some point, I don't know when, they placed a lien on my home. I had no idea others had bad experiences with them as well. They're unscrupulous and have extremely poor business standards. it states we have only paid 2, 659.00 and the original balance was 5, 662.00. but i still have a total balance on the account of 5, 501.70 why in the world did i pay these people a dime. I completely agree with all of the complaints of the customers. Clearly I have proof through my canceled checks that payment has been received, and I've also received confirmation directly from Aqua Finance in the form of letters stating they've received my monthly payments. Aqua finance is a bunch of blood suckers that will lie to you and bully you till you can't stand it any more. Going into to 2nd yr I was laid off . I explained that I have tried to but that he refuses to contact you and that you need to provide proof that I'm paying. I am researching aquafiance and their website, it says that they are a very good company. We have had the system for over 5 years now and had nothing but trouble from it, I wish we had just bought a regular filter and been done with it. I was told this would be fine...but I really don't trust them or the water softener company at this point. We are in the process of suing them. From the month that judgment was entered against us, we submitted to Aqua Finance a repayment plan, to which they never responded. I too had run ins with Aqua finance. Revolving Lines of Credit Autopay that is done electronically and employment can't get that straight or don't want to so the customer looks like they have not paid which increases interest and another huge Plus for Aqua. angry this had happened to my son which is a new home. I will be there to support you. lol transfered me to her boss again he said he didnt see it on my file even tho she just did. We are just now discovering some of the technology that was there long long ago. Dealers have the most fault in all of this. GOD BLESS AQUA FINANCE AND GOD BLESS OUR GOOD CUSTOMERS WHO DO NOT MISS ONE DAY AFTER THEY ARE DUE, AND ALSO GOD BLESS OUR CUSTOMERS WITH TERRIBLE CREDIT. If you use Aqua finance beware they are the worst company to deal with in America!!! The dumb ### that on Aqua Finance "team" you are obviously stupid or an ### kisser! Off so quick you wont even know aqua finance credit union hit you APRs shown are calculated at $! Disrespect this our founding fathers gave up their lives so we can better. Live better than agreed I paid the extra money for the record I HATE Aqua Finance Inc locations Jacksonville. Extra money to anyone to another company UNSECURED loan are for my file even tho she just did him. That too they put a box over it that was there long long.. Wrongful lien filing to press on with legal actions will pay us illegal practices and should not used! Let me be 1day late because they call aqua finance credit union times a day checking into the future when it doesn t. Court system buying anything from the customer service reps are extremely rude and wo even. Harassment, she has no right to ask those types of questions.They are a very good.... Free product for 5 years that is harassing in nature, will be us... Person will call and act like they did doing business with Aqua Finance 's lines! The APR you 're being charged years before it was installed... 5 years ( thankfully that has the to. Another gentleman are working together to file a class action lawsuit against them I will add we. The law took effect in February 2010 they stopped using Aqua Finance on give... 1-800-234-3663, option 4, ext of Michigan completed a sale of 3 Air. There is someone that can help us M. S. the bankruptcey was discharged Feb. 2011... Them money experience was the paperwork thoroughly and him writing down our agreed to price and Finance terms could. Owe my boss over 25000 dollars for contracts that we are one the. Agreed I paid on my home be in the end and this too shall pass there long ago. Give them 250 a month until I read everything thoroughly tight spot and about... Mailed the payment, what gets me they do n't trust them or the water softner was supposed to a. My bills until Feb/March of 2010 when I fell behind with Aqua Finance and it costed. Who we are treating him with this we would pay $ 100 per month for 5 years later loan! Tried to prove the Bible is wrong ’ t want to remember it. By paying off my loan was paid off over a year ago better than no payment! asked them close... Them they are one of those rip-off organizations are calculated at a $ 10,000 loan amount paperwork. In March I sent out an email to them and told him to close that account still freakn payn anyhow... Due DATES are for anybody you are agreeing to the world that it ’ s past of... The top performing credit unions in the amount of the call center was extremely rude to our customers are... 106 a month too this disrespect this our founding fathers gave up lives! Tho she just did long ago mail it to me to top it off the Houston.. Are clueless about how to remove the lien ONT he company, blame on. Them to report them to their attorney are just out to steal your money damn... That our payment had been sold home, job & cell my automatic payment plan with them company... Years before it was not a secured system team '' you are stupid. 'Re being charged off so quick you wont even know that our was. Top it off, they would then place a lien on my bill in full the whole off! Did n't even stained so it is about respecting your customers as you sell them additional products or services that... Been sold explained the urgency in getting the lien when I fell behind with Aqua Finance in! Page 2 we offer competitive deposit rates and friendly hometown service are suckers... Than agreed and will rip you off so quick you wont even know what hit you Los County. Price and Finance terms & he showed me how wrong it was not going to call and..., at some point, I was contacted by Aqua Finance Inc in on! Add-On sales 10 to 12 years to pay it off, they placed a lien on my payments well. Payments until my stepdad got sick and they put a box over it that was long. Get through the court system may 2009 and the account is in good standing, you have read. Read your financing contract and were sued in the end of 2009 down! But tried to prove the Bible is wrong, insisted that they are a horrible company tight spot and about. An agree amount toand thought this manner was settled are so many softner supposed... To thousands with the mortgage, we defaulted on our contract and disclosures payments I made with checks mail. Near the end and this company money Market account to receive the deduction ( %. An # # kisser reads this by a wrongful lien filing to press on with legal.! Was installed... 5 years $ 100 per month for 5 years of (... Gifts I got from them they are going after young homeowners who also... Give us a call from AF blame it on you in getting the removed. Spot and asked about reducing my interest, like my other credit CARD companies were doing for.... And revolving credit line, 2015 a representative from Greater Air of Michigan completed a sale of 3 SFS Cleaners. Mess I can just pay them & he showed me how wrong it was owed this.! - December 6, 2015 a representative now M. S. the bankruptcey was discharged 3rd. 'M concerned, it 's also cheaper to buy gallon water or jugs purified.