| (Photo: Reuters/Danny Moloshok) Guitarist and co-founder of the metal band Korn, Brian "Head" Welch was featured in a second edition “I Am Second” video at the end of the year where he revealed what led him back to the band after leaving because of his faith. KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch spoke to Andy Hall of the Des Moines, Iowa radio station Lazer 103.3 about how singer Jonathan Davis losing both his mother and his estranged wife within the same time span during the making of the band's latest LP, "The Nothing", affected the group's interpersonal relationships.Asked if Davis leaned on his bandmates a little more as a result of … Musician Brian Welch arrives at the 58th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 15, 2016. Korn Co-Founder Brian 'Head' Welch's Chaotic Life Shown in 'Loud Krazy Love' Doc Trailer ... Then he became a father at age 28 and had to take over the parental reins when his wife Rebekah… User comments or postings do not reflect the viewpoint of No votes. Brian sat down with host Natalie Manuel Lee of 'Now With Natalie' to open up about his life and encouraged those struggling with addiction to quit drugs. When it comes to his private life, Welch was married to Rebekah from 1998 to 2001. "Brian Phillips Welch" (born June 19, 1970), better known as "Head", is the former lead guitarist/co-founder of Ko Я n, whose trademark style was sporting a constellation of rubber-banded braids in his hair.Along with fellow Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer, Welch helped patent Korn's distinctive sound, a mix of sirenlike shards of dissonant guitar that mimicked a turntablist's … Relationship dating details of Brian Welch and Rebekah Welch and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with. Brian Welch had a troubling family life since he and his ex-wife Rebekah gave their first daughter up for adoption back in 1995.  Brian Welch. Brian "Head" Welch, former lead guitarist and founding member of the band Korn, was standing in the murky waters of the Jordan River, waiting to be baptized. Watch the interview below. The two gave their first child for adoption, but when Rebekah gave birth to Jennea Marie Welch in 1998, the couple kept her. After divorce, Brian got custody of their daughter and they reside in Arizona, but he maintains contact with his ex-wife. Their first daughter was given to an adoptive family when she was born, and when Jennea, arrived, Brian was no more prepared for parenthood. HOME TOP-10 DIRECTORY PROFILE 1+1 VS. SIX-DEGREES Brian Welch and Rebekah Welch. "The Nothing", KORN's 13th studio LP, came out last year. Once the responsibility came, it was hard. Because I wanted to play, still. Rebekkah Welch. This was Brian “Head” Welch, one of the founding members of the Bakersfield band Korn. I wanted to be a kid. Check out my latest "In the Vault with Shanda Golden" interview with BRIAN "HEAD" WELCH, guitarist for KORN and author on "With My Eyes Wide Open". In the latest candid interview, former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and his daughter, Jennea Welch, spoke about the artiste's past and his freedom from addiction. “Because I was a kid myself. Follow @ShagTree. Welch and his ex-wife are the parents of two children. In January 1995, Brian Welch got married to his wife named Rebekah.